There is a new trend Cheap Nike Free Runin sports training and it's called barefoot running. Science is showing that there are many benefits and advantages to barefoot running and it may just help you get over that hurdle to your personal best. A few pointers before I begin for safety's sake. Like a baby you must crawl before you walk and you must walk before you run. So take a bit of caution before running out and going for a full barefoot workout. 1. Walk around barefoot first. 2. Use softer surfaces like grass to start out with. 3. Buy a shoe like Nike Free that provides a barefoot type of feel while protecting your feet. 4. Try Vibram Five Fingers which are the closest thing I've found to being barefootNike Free while still protecting your feet from damage. (Walk in them first before running around as they take time to get used to). So now that you've had a bit of caution here are a few advantages. 1. Barefoot running costs less energy. According to research, running without shoes or with shoes lighter than normal allows the runners leg to accelerate more as there is less mass to actually accelerate at the end of the runner's leg. According to Divert et. Al., 2005 and Squadrone and Gallozzi, 2009, running barefoot has been shown to use about 5% less energy than shod running. 2. Develops muscle strength and proprioceptive gains in the legs, feet and hips that we wouldn't otherwise develop in shoes. 3. Helps strengthen the foot so that it pronates less. The strength also can help prevent the arch from collapsing. Nike Free Run

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